About 'Tip-Taf' – early years center

Tip-Taf is a modern and a ground breaking center, designed with attention to your basic needs –

parents to babies and toddlers from birth to three years.

At Tip-Taf you will be offered guidance and tips in various aspects of parenthood, required to enable

you create an optimal environment for the development of your child, and enhance your joy in parenthood.

Our goals are to assist parents in developing efficient communication with their child, interpret his signals

and signs and respond accordingly.

Our staff provides personal guidance based on academic research, designed to enhance the 'mental diet'

nourished to the child by his parents, thus, creating a firm base for an improved growth and development.

Tip-Taf is also a pleasant and supportive meeting place for parents, a home for social gatherings in a modern

and well planned and equipped facilities – encouraging research and mutual learning.

Our activities and services:

  • Free and stimulating play time, accompanied by a staff member.

  • Personal guidance and council

  • Lectures and workshops

  • Social gatherings

  • The Tip-Taf library

  • Courses

  • Theatrical plays

Our approach is based on the MISC model, developed by the late Prof. Pnina Klein, Israel Prize Laureate

for educational research and a prominent international expert in child development who played a major role

in the planning and building of Tip-Taf from the earliest stages.

Mrs. Iris Granot, the director of Tip-Taf, is a specialist in child development according to the MISC model,

a lecturer and instructor with years of experience in both Israel and overseas.

Our professional staff consists of some of the best experts in the fields of child development and psychology .

We welcome you to visit Tip-Taf and take part in a unique and enriching experience, to enhance

communication with your child and attain information that is most relevant to your daily life in a personal way.

Tip Taf Early Years Center

109 Hankin St. Holon

Tel: 072-2412888

Email: tip-taf@hth.co.il